5 Things that keep people from using a paper planner

5 Things that keep people from using a paper planner

There are a lot of known benefits to using paper planners. Some of these are keeping one's memory sharper, helping to relieve stress, and even improving time management and productivity.

But with all these, it seems that though people are buying and hoarding planners, they’re hesitant to use them. Why? What is it that keeps them from using paper planners?


1. Personal preference


Much like how people prefer day time to night time, some just prefer other things aside from using a paper planner. Some choose built-in digital planners on their mobile phones or laptops as they are already using these tools on a daily basis. Others choose apps with alerts and notifications, which remind them of activities they need to do within the day. Or for a few lucky individuals, they already have someone to do those things for them. These options may not be available with the use of paper planners.

However, writing down your tasks and using a paper planner offers a more tangible keepsake that doesn’t get wiped out or corrupted. 


2. Going digital


When everything is available online, some prefer to move their planners to a digital platform. Most applications have integration functionalities with social media sites and productivity tools like communication apps and email platforms. There is automation that helps you make your planning activities faster and more efficient compared to using your traditional paper planner.

But there are also certain limitations to its digital counterpart. Planning and personal experiences are better processed by writing in your own planner. 


3. Paper planner awareness


It’s also possible that they are not aware of the benefits and how to use them.

There are different ways in how paper planners are lined or dated/undated. Some planners are suitable for schedules and to-dos, while others, especially unruled ones, are useful for creating art, doodling or even scrapbooking to remind you of an event or experience.

However, you shouldn’t feel limited or confined based on the design and form of your journal. Use it the way you want to! 


4. Not much time to update


Updating paper planners can take more time compared to digital planners. It might take an hour or more from your schedule just to write your entries. Time may be a luxury which others don’t have. Some might even feel pressured to make their planners look beautiful and neat all the time.

However, it’s good to keep in mind that paper planners work for the writer and not the other way around. So feel free to use it the in the way that best suits your needs. 


5. Fear of using paper planners


Some might feel intimidated by using planners because it feels permanent. When writing something down using pens or markers, you want to avoid erasures or unpleasant marks on your paper. You can’t undo the things that you’ve placed on your paper planner, which can sometimes be frustrating.

But seeing the beauty of these corrections helps you understand yourself more and makes your planner more personal and human.


Whether you’re using a digital or paper planner, it’s essential that you use them in ways that are beneficial to you.

Do not let these things stop you from using a planner, you can try it out at first and see what combination works for you