Maximizing your planner’s blank pages 

Maximizing your planner’s blank pages 
So many pages, so little content!

It’s a feeling that planner enthusiasts like yourself share when, at the end of every month or even year, their planners retain a few empty pages that are still very much usable. Lots of people think it’s a waste to retire a planner without filling them up -- and for good reason! There’s still a good opportunity to get creative, look back at the year, or even jot down thoughts and ideas outside the bounds of your usual daily to-dos.

Now, if you’re anything like us who want to get the most out of every page, we invite you to try out some of the ways we maximize these pages.

Use them for bucket lists

Although the whole point of a planner is to help you accomplish things, it’s totally okay to have some plans postponed, canceled, or generally saved for a later date when the timing is better. That’s alright! Life happens sometimes. So, when you’re getting ready to transition to a new planner, say, for the next year, why not write down your “big picture” bucket list on these blank pages? Instead of looking back on activities that didn’t push through, carry them over to the next year when you have renewed opportunities to try them again. Be as creative or minimalist as you like in transforming these blank pages into mini vision boards.


Gratefulness practice 

A planner is a multi-purpose tool if you know how to wield it. What does this mean? It means that a planner isn’t just a work or school accessory that records boring old reminders. But more importantly, it’s also a life companion that teaches you to be thankful for all the wonderful experiences you’ve had. A planner’s blank pages can be repurposed into brief diary entries. Perhaps for every month, you can go through your notes again and pick out a highlight or two and reflect on how they’ve influenced you. Let your words flow freely.


Fitness tracker

One of the areas in our lives that we constantly need extra motivation for is our health, or more specifically, staying active and eating right. Most women know the facts about exercise and a balanced diet, but can struggle a little bit with turning this knowledge into actual practice. You know where this is going — if you relate to this (and we know we do), then we highly encourage you to try jotting down meal plans and your exercise log on your planner’s blank pages. Turn it into a friendly competition with yourself. The more pages stay blank, the more you know you need to be active!


Self-care corner

It’s important to have a world outside of your duties and responsibilities. Seeing friends, traveling and dining, trying out new hobbies and exploring interests — all these things matter in living a well-rounded life. Use your planner’s blank pages to remind you of this. Maybe list down movies you wish to see, cafes you want to visit within the month, out-of-town trips to plan, new recipes to try, dinner date and girls’ night out ideas, your shopping aspirations, and pretty much all the other things you care about.

Keep in mind that a planner is yours to use from cover to cover, so go ahead and get creative with it!

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