Quest Journal: Your All-Around Journal

Quest Journal: Your All-Around Journal

If someone mentions the Viviamo brand, you automatically think of the hero planner Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner, and your other planner favorites Navi Journal, Everything is Possible planner, the Focus Journal, and the Essentials Planner. Little do we know about the unsung hero which can fit the lifestyle of a chic, a traveller, a booksmart, and a minimalist -- all that the main planners cater to, this flexible, yet stylish product can also offer so much!

Meet the
Quest Journal, your journal slash partner that adjusts to your rhythm. Some may know the Quest Journal as a companion to other planners, but it can also stand on its own. Even if you’re already committed to a planner and you just want a blank canvass that would welcome all of your random outbursts, the Quest Journal is up to the challenge of keeping up with you.

With three size variants and dozens of colors from each year’s collection, you can say that owning a Quest Journal means owning a unique, paper counterpart of yourself. For starters, you can choose from the medium size(13.7 x 19.5cm), travel size(12.5 x 22cm), or mini size(10.5 x 13.5cm). Its soft PU leather will remind you of that diary you once kept as a child, safely tucked with the horizontal elastic that protects the journal. Since the Quest Journal was built to fit in your daily life, it holds a PVC pocket locked with a zipper inside in case you need to take your cards, safety cash, and other essentials with you. Saving the best feature for the last, the fillers inside the Quest Journal can be interchangeable and Viviamo is prepared in case you run out of paper but still want to keep your journal.

In so many ways, the Quest Journal has proven to camouflage itself within the landscapes of different individual lifestyles. Given the choices of paper, size, and color it comes with, there are also hundreds of considerable ways to own a Quest Journal until it becomes a recognizable part of its user. There are endless ways to stretch its flexibility -- from documenting your pre-pandemic travels down to your remote classes or WFH note-taking tidbits -- all of it can be kept inside your journal. Since everyone is on lockdown, the Quest Journal can still be a part of your daily lives through reflective journaling, listing down your daily gratitude, writing down new recipes you learned, daily tracking of your new exercise, bucket list of series / movies you watched, and for the creatives out there, of course the Quest Journal can be your mini drawing pad. The list goes on and on, and maybe you have something new that you could do with the journal -- all you have to do is to find the one that suits you.

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