Want to Know Which Planner Suits You?


Answer the following questions and see what planner might suit you best!

Which word describes how you plan?
A. Balanced: Being one with nature and tapping into your inner balance
B. Trusting: Opening up to all life's possibilities, whether big or small.
C. Minimalist: Focusing only on what is essential.
D. Clear: Being centered in mind and finding space.
E. Adventurous: Exploring possibilities to prepare for life's  next big adventure

Which of the statements do you resonate the most?
A. "I am in the process of being whole again and trusting that all will be well"
B. "Life's greatest possibilities inspires me to take risks and conquer greater heights"
C. "Many things are good and important, but only a few are essentials"
D. "By focusing on incremental adjustments, I can get closer to my goals"
E. "The ultimate adventure are those journeyed within"

Which feature do you find most useful in a planner?
A. Journal prompts and reminders to help prioritize and plan.
B. A to-do list, gratitude journaling, and memory keeping.
C. Bullet Journaling
D. Spacious grid weekly spreads.
E. Special pages to help you map out your journey or next adventure.

Which one would you consider a top priority?
A. Self-reflection and connecting with the world around you.
B. Opening your mind and heart to all possibilities as you create a life you love.
C. Focusing only on what matters
D. Minimizing distractions and putting your goals at the forefront
E. Embarking on your own journey toward self-discovery

I would like to...
A. Imagine what clarity and balance look and feel like
B. Finally stop feeling like a victim of circumstance and start living the life I want.
C. Keep track of my plans and get organized in glance
D. Pursue a life of focus and harmony
E. Live life to its fullest with a sense of exploration

Yay, great job in answering the questions, now find your results below:

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If you answer mostly B - then check out our Everything is Possible Planner

If you answer mostly C - then check out our Essentials Planner
If you answer mostly D - then check out our Focus Journal

And finally, if you answer mostly E - then check out our Navi Journal.

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