What's the best planner for you?

2023 planner
While we can cruise through life, going with the flow, we can also set our sights on something higher and steer ourselves towards a life that’s most fulfilling.

What is your definition of success?
What is your idea of a happiness?
What is a fulfilled life for you?

As we round out another year and enter the next, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your wants and priorities. What do you want to achieve? What aspects of your life do you want to grow and improve? And how do you actually get there? There are definitely many more questions.

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for the New Year to start because NOW is always the best time to put yourself first!

Put your dreams to action by making yourself accountable and making a concrete plan.

This is where having goal planners prove most beneficial. Not only do they provide focus, guidance, and structure, they can also serve as a tangible record of your inspiring journeys.

There are numerous planners that are created for different goals – for love, for fitness, for career growth, etc. - so choose that ones that best suit what you need and want.

Here, we’ve put together a great list of the best and most affordable planners for every type of goal and need.


2023 Belle de Jour Power Planner

Feeling listless and lost?
Discover your true self and find your North Star with the BDJ Power Planner. This great planner aims to enhance every aspect of your life – from personal growth to career, love, finances, etc. – and it does so through thoughtful prompts and worksheets.

Take it day by day and do the activities that have been spaced out throughout the planner. These special sections will help you identify goals, set your dreams/vision, and help you better pursue your life plans. Here’s your handy guide to your best life!

This planner comes in 4 exciting editions – Classic, Leather, Disc-bound, and the Limited Edition.



2023 Essentials Planner

Leave your baggage behind and give yourself the gift of a fresh start! This Essentials Planner is the clean slate that you need. Its classic and elegant design with soft, matte black kraft cover makes it a must-have. And it’s dual purpose!

It comes with dotted pages and blank spacious pages so you have the freedom to express yourself in every way. This is great for those who like to doodle and scribble spontaneous thoughts and ideas. Use it to keep track of your to-do lists, for gratitude journaling, for memory keeping, and the like. It also provides practical structure with helpful pages like month-at-a-glance and yearly calendars to give you a clear overview of your days.


2023 Everything is Possible Planner

The world is your playground. And yes, everything is possible! So, whatever you imagine and want can be manifested if you put your mind to it. From the many ideas that you have, you can focus on the ones that matter to you the most and build on those.

The Everything is Possible Journal helps you visualze the life you want with experience-enriching meditations. Scan the QR codes every month and meditate on the possibilities you want to realize. These 12 codes are tuned to the sounds of nature with healing vibrations of 432hz. Plan, dream, and achieve your goal feeling fully energized.


2023 Focus Planner

There can be too many distractions in one’s life, and these include the ever-growing number of things you want to do. Hone in on what’s important and become more centered with the Focus Planner.

Designed to help you stay on track and motivated, this planner has 13 monthly calendars, month-end check-ups, and spacious weekly spreads for task-taking, note-writing, and gratitude listing.


2023 NAVI Planner

This is the planner that will take you places. Paying homage to the “wheel,” the Navi Journal sparks your wanderlust and tickles your curiosity. It showcases beautiful pages that highlight the most scenic routes around the world. And you can discover more of these sights through QR codes that take you on the most sought-after trails and tours.

Plan your adventures and bring more excitement into your day with special pages to map out your journey. It includes undated monthly calendars and weekly layouts with note pages. And an added perk: Enjoy a coupon booklet with exclusive discounts and offers!


2023 Petit Planner

Big things, indeed, also come in small packages. The Petit Planner delivers your favorite all-around BDJ planner in a more compact and portable design. Use it for planning or journaling, for scheduling, task-making, and idea generation. It features the handy month-at-glance calendars, weekly date pages, and generous spaces for your notes. Keep this handy as you take on the world!

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It takes courage to pursue what you want! And when it comes to taking brave steps, find the confidence and motivation with our well selected bundle of 5 Dare to Dream Workbooks.

Each of these workbooks are specifically designed to help you in the different aspects of your life - love, career, business, finances, and fitness. Use these based on your priorities.

Set SMARTER goals, visualize your end game, and track your progress. But these aren’t mere planners, they also provide insightful tips, articles, reflections, and activities to make your journey truly enriching and engaging!

Dare to Be Abundant Workbook – This workbook has all the necessary trackers you need to help you achieve your financial goals - from investments, bills, regular expenses, assets, debts, and more! Start building your wealth today!

Dare to Leap Workbook  Use this practical workbook when mapping out your entrepreneurial journey. It has guides, references, worksheets, and trackers that allow you to take charge of your business and achieve financial success!

Dare to Rise Workbook  This workbook is designed to assist you in your journey toward a fulfilling career. Gain focus and achieve your career goals that are aligned with your life’s vision and values.

Dare to be Fit Workbook – Be strong in mind, body, and spirit! Put your health first and use this workbook’s trackers for exercise, food, and sleep. It also includes a meal planner and other great tips to help build strong healthy habits.

Dare to Love Workbook  How do you give love? How do you receive love? Understand yourself more deeply and re-educate yourself on what it means to be truly “loving.” Use this life-changing workbook to elevate your relationships and achieve your love goals with intention.

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