Belle de Jour Power Planner

Vision Board

Are you ready to turn your aspirations into reality? What if we tell you that we can help you manifest your life long vision?


Why you need this
BDJ Vision Board is here to empower you on your journey towards your dream life. We've curated the perfect kit, designed to provide everything you need for a transformative vision board experience.

What's Included:

130 Printed Cards with Double-Sided Prints:
  • Inspiring images on the front
  • Motivational quotes on the back

20 Blank Cards:
  • Customize your board with your personal aspirations

Box for the Cards:
  • Keep your cards organized and easily accessible

Standing Vision Board with 18 Slots:

  • Effortlessly display your vision with a sleek, modern design
  • Each slot features secure "wings" to hold your cards in place

Goals Workbook:
  • Identify and clarify your goals across various aspects of your life
  • Step-by-step guidance to help you articulate your dreams

Giftable Box Packaging:
  • Perfect for treating yourself or a loved one to the gift of manifestation

How to Use:

1. Set Your Goals:
Begin by using the comprehensive Goals Workbook to identify and define your dreams in various areas of your life.

2. Select Your Cards:
Choose from the 130 printed cards or use the 20 blank cards to add your unique touch.

3. Insert Cards into Slots:
Slide your selected cards into the 18 slots on the standing board.
The innovative "wings" on each slot ensure your cards stay securely in place.

4. Daily Visualization:
Place your Vision Board where you can see it daily, allowing you to visualize and manifest your goals.
Let the power of visualization guide you toward the life you desire.