Why Use A Paper Planner Even If There Are Lots Of Digital Productivity Tools

paper planner
When most hobbies are becoming more digital, people still find themselves excited for paper planners and journals. Maybe it's the smell of new paper or the cute design of paper planners that hooks people to use one. Here are some of the reasons why paper planners are still in use: 

It offers a tactile experience. 

Some people touch things to understand more about an object. A paper planner lets you make use of your 5 senses, especially the sense of touch which allows you to experience different sensations. Aside from the thoughts you compose, you get to touch and feel everything with paper planners. If you add washi tapes or draw an illustration, it’s an added sensation you can feel at your fingertips. Looking back at your old entries, the dents or scratches on paper lend an added layer to what you have written. 

It lets you show your creative side. 

You can do whatever you want to do with a paper planner, which makes it different from any of its digital counterparts. You get to choose which sticker or color of ink you will use for your entry. You can even paste objects which are significant to you at that moment like a concert ticket or your first pay slip. Buying and looking for items you can use for your paper planner also adds excitement to the whole journaling experience. 

It improves your memory. 

A planner lets you have something you can refer to when you forget about something, but it can also be a good stimulus for your brain to recall things more often. When you create a grocery list in your head and then write it down on paper, you’re able to remember more compared to typing it on your phone or not writing it at all. It all comes down to how the brain is configured where learning and recalling come from the act of writing, sense of touch, and visual perception of things. 

It gives you a respite from the digital world. 

Digital stress is a common thing especially with people getting connected through their phones 24/7. You use the internet for work, to watch Netflix to chill, to reach out to your friends through different messaging apps, and to join the social media chatter. Using a paper planner makes you live in the moment, free from all the noise and negative interactions online. The world becomes slower and calmer during this time and you can feel at ease even for just a few hours.  

It lets you be more in touch with yourself. 

Having a set time to spend on working on your paper journal gives you time for yourself. It lets you process different emotions and stay away from overthinking which is a win for your mental health. It also brings focus and clarity around what you are feeling, which leads to self-discovery and self-awareness. Being able to form a habit out of it is an achievement in itself when finding time for activities you enjoy can be extra hard during this pandemic. 


Choose what works for you. 

Whether you choose a paper or digital planner, select what’s the best for your lifestyle. It’s not that one is better than the other, but the best will always be the one that you choose. You can even marry analog and digital tools to create a planning and journaling system that works for you!