2024 Focus Planner

Ignite your inner focus and elevate your productivity with the 2024 Focus Planner. Now, with our newest planning and journaling system, the AUMNIPAGES, you can now fully embark on a transformative journey as you raise your awareness of life's beautiful architecture.


Why you need this

This meticulously crafted planner takes inspiration from the awe-inspiring concept of Sacred Geometry, the mathematical harmony found in the natural world. The cover of the Focus Planner features a captivating mindfulness symbol, a powerful reminder to embrace the present moment. With each glance, you'll be gently nudged to release worries from the past and dispel fears of the future, cultivating a sense of calm and clarity.

Each monthly divider has a power word that you can use to ground your intentions for the rest of the month. These powerful words serve as guideposts, igniting your motivation and empowering you to stay on track.


  • Aumnipages, your all-in-one planning and journaling system. Our newest design for our 2024 Planners. Taking inspiration from the concept of multitasking, Aumni Pages seamlessly merges planning and notetaking into a single, versatile tool.
  • The very essence of Aumnipages draws from the Universal sound AUM, also known as Om, representing the "Ultimate Reality" in Hindu philosophy. Additionally, the Latin prefix "omni" meaning all, or in all ways, further enhances the encompassing nature of this exceptional planner.
  • With Aumnipages, you no longer have to switch between different mediums. Experience the convenience of having everything you need in a single, cohesive system.

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  • Aumnipages design
  • 12 Monthly Dividers with clever typography ​
  • 12 Month-End Check-Ups​
  • 12 Monthly Calendars
  • Spacious Weekly Spreads for task-taking, note-writing or gratitude-listing

Special Page Sections that help you through:​

  • Vision Setting​
  • Journaling Prompts​
  • Planning Guide​
  • Goal Setting