Monito Monita: Bundle for PHP 1500 ONLY

Introducing the Monito Monita Bundle: Elevate your gift-giving game this holiday season with our thoughtfully curated bundle designed to inspire planning and journaling. Priced at an affordable 1500 pesos, this collection is the perfect present for those who appreciate the beauty of organization and creativity.



Why you need this
Give the gift of organization, inspiration, and creativity this holiday season. The Monito Monita Bundle is more than just a present; it's a thoughtful gesture that will accompany your loved ones throughout the upcoming year. Order now and spread the joy of planning!

Option 1: Classic Elegance
  • (1) BDJ Dated Classic Planner (Lined Journal): Timeless and functional, the BDJ Classic Planner is a staple for anyone who values efficient planning.
  • (1) Focus Planner (Dotted):  prioritize the cultivation of emotional, spiritual, and mental balance. ​
  • (1) Quest Filler Medium Blank: A versatile medium-sized blank filler to encourage doodling, note-taking, or unleashing creativity.

Option 2: Leather Luxe
  • (1) BDJ Dated Leather Planner (Lined Journal): Elevate their planning experience with the luxurious touch of a leather-bound planner, blending style with functionality.
  • (1) Focus Planner (Dotted): Customize the bundle with the planner that aligns with their organizational needs.
  • (1) Quest Filler Mini: A compact mini-sized filler perfect for on-the-go planning or capturing quick thoughts.

Option 3: Creative Combo
  • (1) Focus Planner (Dotted):  prioritize the cultivation of emotional, spiritual, and mental balance. ​
  • (1) Dreampowerment: Encourage them to dream big and set ambitious goals with the Dreampowerment insert.
  • (1) Essentials Notebook: A handy notebook for jotting down essential notes, ideas, or to-do lists.
  • (1) Quest Filler Medium: Boost their creative side with a medium-sized blank filler for free-form expression.