Monito Monita: Bundle for PHP 2000 ONLY

Give the gift of organization, creativity, and inspiration this holiday season. Our Monito Monita Bundle is not just a collection of products; it's a bundle of joy and thoughtful planning that will make this festive season even more special for your friends and family.



Why you need this
Embrace the spirit of giving with a curated set of planners, journals, and accessories that cater to different tastes and preferences. With three fantastic options to choose from, there's a perfect bundle for everyone.

Option 1: BDJ Bliss
  • (1) BDJ Dated Leather Planner (Lined Journal): Elegant and sophisticated, this planner is crafted with a luxurious touch, perfect for those who appreciate style and functionality.
  • (1) BDJ Dated Classic Planner (Lined Journal): A timeless choice for the traditional planner enthusiast, featuring a classic design and ample space for organizing thoughts and schedules.
  • (1) Random Dreampowerment Journal: Unlock creativity and self-reflection with this specially curated journal designed to inspire and empower.
  • (1) Quest Filler Medium: Accomplish your goals and dreams with this versatile filler that complements your planning journey.

Option 2: Essentials Elegance
  • (1) Essentials Planner: Streamlined and practical, this planner focuses on the essentials, providing a clear and efficient way to organize your days.
  • (1) Random Dreampowerment Journal: Elevate your thoughts and dreams with this beautifully designed journal that encourages self-expression.
  • (1) Baseball Cap: Add a touch of casual style to your look with a comfortable and trendy baseball cap.
  • (1) Dare To Be Stickers: Express yourself with these motivational stickers that inspire courage and authenticity.
  • (1) Bamboo Cup: Sip your favorite beverages in eco-friendly style with this reusable bamboo cup.
  • (1) PVC Cover: Protect your planner in style with a durable and sleek PVC cover.

Option 3: Focus & Fun
  • (1) Focus Dated - Dotted: Tailor your planning experience with a planner that suits your specific needs, whether it's for productivity or focus.
  • (1) Dreampowerment Journal: Immerse yourself in the world of creativity and introspection with this captivating journal.
  • (1) DTB Creative Cards: Spark creativity and inspiration with these unique and artistic cards.
  • (1) Creative Peg Board: Organize your thoughts and ideas in a visually appealing way with this peg board.
  • (1) Quest Filler Medium: Accomplish your daily quests and tasks with this versatile medium-sized filler.