Community Events

  • 2022 Belle de Jour Power Planner

  • BPI Philam: Embracing The Language of Wellness

    Vitality Kits will be given away to 10 participants for the 21-day challenge, a daily set of mini tasks you can do to push you towards habits of wellness, and 15 for lucky signees and attendees. Sign up at for a chance to get a free Vitality Kit!
  • #PowerThrough with AXA

    #PowerThrough is a live session and discussion on mindfulness and mental health awareness for World Mental Health in partnership with AXA Philippines
  • Dare to be Grateful Subscription Plan

    Say goodbye to negativity and hello to a healthy and positive mindset. Get our daily dose of positivity, challenges and reminders to help you adapt an attitude of gratitude. Sign up to our FREE 53-Day Dare To Be Grateful messenger subscription plan now! Just got to @bdjbuzz fb messenger bot and you’ll see the sign up at the bottom

  • August Planner Challenge

    Do you want to join our weekly planner challenge? Just go to our FB Group BDJ Plan with Me