BPI Philam: Embracing The Language of Wellness

BPI Philam: Embracing The Language of Wellness

Take Vitality And Wellness With You This 2021

Over the course of many new year celebrations and resolutions, 2021 was hugely different as the world continues to battle a global crisis. What you normally hope for whenever the clock strikes twelve may be entirely different, but one thing that binds us all is to survive and be healthy. In the midst of safety precautions and threat of a virus, how do we be holistically healthy and fit? To start the year strong, Belle de Jour launched a campaign called Women Being Well: Stories of Vitality with BPI-Philam to talk about what it means to achieve wellness and its different aspects. 

Wellness may look like it’s just a weekly trip to the spa or a quarterly travel trip with friends, but achieving total wellness serves all different aspects of your life – emotional, social, physical, environmental, intellectual, spiritual, and financial. What the campaign pushes for is to help you become your own health advocate, committed to making your health and well-being a priority throughout the stages of your life, especially now. As difficult as it may seems since most of us are confined in the safety of our own homes, it’s actually optimal to sit down and focus on self-improvement and self-awareness. It’s time to immerse yourself in a healthier lifestyle this 2021. You can only be prosperous in love, health, time and money if you are conscious, well, and balanced. 

To dive more on the topic of wellness, Belle de Jour is going live on its official Facebook Page Belle de Jour Power Planner on January 23, 2:00 – 4: 00 PM powered by BDJ Studio, the home of BDJ’s learning sessions, hangout sessions, and more as a part of their commitment to be constantly in touch with the community and to empower them to seek a better version of themselves. The 2-hour FB Live session features Dr. Candy Dalman of Centro Holistico to talk about Embracing a Well-Balanced Life and How to Keep Winning at Well-Being This Coming 2021Ayen dela Torre of Where To Next will guide you on Choosing How To Connect and How To Commit To Something Bigger Than Yourself This Coming 2021Coach Celine SugayR.Psy, a Gallup Certfified Strengths Coach and a Certified Action Learning Coach will talk about Being One With Purpose and How To Make This Year Your Most Meaningful One, Yet! Lastly, Rose Fres Fausto of FQ Mom will give us insights on Securing The Future and How To Bring Our Dreams To Life. 

Vitality Kits will be given away to 10 participants for the 21-day challenge, a daily set of mini tasks you can do to push you towards habits of wellness, and 15 for lucky signees and attendees.  Sign up at bit.ly/StoriesOfVitality for a chance to get a free Vitality Kit!