Why will your future self thank you for keeping a journal planner?

Why will your future self thank you for keeping a journal planner?

There are little things that we do now that will impact us in the long run. Some of it we’re not aware of and there are a few which can come from conscious effort. Using a planner can do both and there are benefits that we can reap in the future.

Here are some reasons why you’ll be thanking yourself in the future if you’re keeping a planner now:


Improved health

Using a planner can keep your mind sharp. Writing something down lets you retain more information compared to typing it down on your mobile. By using your sense of touch, doing the actual writing, and through visual perception, our brain continuously learns and recalls things.

Planning and journaling also helps if you’re struggling with mental health. Journaling can be an outlet for your emotions so that you can be aware of what’s happening and be in control. It manages your anxieties and fears when you write down your sentiments in your journal, which feels like a release afterward.

Steps to self-care

There are times that we’re too busy that we forget to stop and take care of ourselves. Using a planner allows you to make time for yourself. Those few minutes or even hours spent writing carves out a space where you can focus and relax. And here, you are able to express yourself more honestly.

Forming a habit

They say that when you keep doing something frequently, it becomes a habit. Using a planner can form habits that are beneficial to your daily life. You can become more productive and organized when updating your planner. You’re able to list down all the activities that you need to complete and it's a place where you can put down all your notes and reflections. Some people even have multiple planners for different purposes to separate personal matters from work.

Planning and journaling also build skills in time management as these take a little bit of time to do. Juggling priorities and leisure can be a task sometimes, but planners give you a structure to help you be on top of each of them. 

Keep memories

Our brain can only hold so much of our memories, leaving the rest to be forgotten. Planners can be a place where you can write the moments you don’t want to forget. It can be the trip that you’ve been looking forward to or news that is dear to your heart. When looking for something to motivate you to move forward, you can always look back at the memories that you’ve accumulated over the years.

Memories can also include things that you’re grateful for as it reminds you of how blessed you are at the moment and to sustain/ prolong that positive feeling.

Learn to be more mindful

It takes a while to learn about mindfulness, being conscious of yourself, and how you interact with other people and your environment. Reflection is one of the ways to learn about being mindful. Using a planner enables you to connect the dots as to what and how something happened and why you feel the way you do. By looking back on your pages, you may be able to see a pattern or see the bigger picture.

In the now

Staying in the present is as important as planning for the future. While there are many things that can improve your future through journaling, don’t forget to enjoy the moment right now.