7 out of 10 Filipinos Don't Have a Dream

7  out of 10 Filipinos Don't Have a Dream
Here's my 3rd Entry! If you just tuned in, we’re (the Viviamo team) sharing stories of how we overcame our biggest challenges. (Ready Entry 1 and Entry 2)

Did you know that when I started BDJ, I was just barely a year out of college, was single, and but a bit lost with my life?

Now it’s 16 years later, I’m happily married with two very young children. I love my life. 
I found my purpose in Viviamo – I love that I have an opportunity to be able to help Filipinos explore their passions and purpose, that I get to work with people who have become friends, who have become family.  
Yet, to be honest, life hasn’t been perfect.  
It’s not a bed of roses. There are many thorns and wounds. 
But slowly, I’ve learned to live life with intention. 
I remember, back in July 2019, our whole team streamlined and clarified our purpose, asking some questions: 
Why do we exist? 
Why do we still make planners?
Why do we still hold events?
Why do we still run campaigns?

And finally -- Are we still relevant? 

These questions are more relevant now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic.
Back when we were still able to hold on-ground events, one of the most meaningful events we worked on was the Freedom To Dream Summit. 
It was inspired by a study we found that said 7 out of 10 Filipinos don’t have a dream
I was heartbroken and shocked when I heard this. And we really wanted to do something about it. We felt that we could because the same study said that the number one reason for this problem seemed so simple: it was discouraging words. 
For me, the job to be done then was this: let’s have empowered conversations, let’s normalize talking about our dreams in a no-judgment zone. Let’s confront the negativity around us with the message that yes, we are allowed to dream, despite all the negativity nowadays. 
But when the pandemic hit, we were stumped. How do we now get our message through? 
This is why we created #YouGotThis. 
The vision for #YouGotThis was to have a Planning and Journaling Summit that will bring inspiration, motivation, and hopefully, joy – in helping people cope in these unprecedented times, through the art and science of journaling and planning. 
We first ran it in 2020, after many of us experienced languishing. 
And in 2021, we invited everyone to join and rethink how we can all rewrite our stories. 
After all, sometimes change starts by a simple act of sharing one’s story — of how a challenge was surpassed, of how something shifted in your life, of how a win was achieved, regardless of how small. These stories spark conversations and inspire. 
And so if you’re reading up to this point, this could be the sign you were waiting for: if you have a story to share, there is no other best time to share it, than NOW. 
With Love,