A Taste-Testing for Love

A Taste-Testing for Love
Jasmine here. If you remember me from BDJ Rendezvous years ago (for the Bella Pros, hello!), you're probably wondering what a host/ slash makeup artist is doing writing you an email or posting on The Bella Tribe and You Got This FB Groups about coaching. I started working for Viviamo just a little before 2021 began as the Product Development Lead armed with my editorial and merchandising work experience in tow. Little did I know that I was going to gain more than just a paycheck. I'm pouring my heart out on this Valentine week to share how every word on the planners you have resonates in our work environment and dynamics because I truly feel appreciated and loved by the people I work with.

Today, Viviamo is dedicated to helping you desire a life you love. With every product we create and brand we work with, we aim to emPOWER YOU.

Things may sound smooth and easy for me now that I've said it that way, but they weren't always this way.

I've been struggling with my self-worth and self-esteem for years now. I always felt I was never the best in anything that I do. I fail at many things I embark on and I feel I'm never good enough at home and in the workplace. However, the economy and the overly competitive market were only a few of the problems. Poor results and my hyper-driven emotions ruined my self-confidence. I was always used to setting goals and achieving them, but now my personal projects didn't bring the dream of work and freedom I wanted. It felt terrible

Which brought me back to BDJ. I needed something to help me get my emotions in check and retrace my game plan. For me, though, it wasn't just about picking up the planner again and writing down my thought. Being part of the team that built it gave me the opportunity to LIVE IT. Every day... the simple task lists, the weekly alignments, and every meeting we had recalibrating our priorities and finding ways to connect with you guys online was life-changing.
​Every conversation I had with like-minded collaborators for our products and the online guests we had a chance to speak with especially during the Sweet 16 anniversary made me realize that the key to my success (or recovery at least) wasn't just up to me: I was supported. I can take off from the pages I wrote of my worries and pain and sound off with people who can help me look at my plan from a different point of view.

I learned about coaching.

I thought I already knew what that was. In fact, I used to teach Personality Development for John Robert Powers as a sideline a long time ago. It made sense since I was in the Fashion and Beauty Industry. Then, someone, I did business with introduced me to the Gallup StrengthFinder. I unlocked my top 5 strengths and for 7 years, I just had it at the back of my head. "Ok, good to know." Then working with a team that wanted to help me grow into my own strengths made me realize that there's so much more than just knowing what my talents were. I can be good at them and I can DO GOOD for others if I made the effort to understand myself more

I reconnected with a friend who was training to be a Human Design and Enneagram Coach. At first, I felt it was bordering on woo-woo. And then she helped me understand my Vedic chart and identify what motivates me. It was so revealing and honestly, overwhelming! And I just know that I just need to LOOK at all of the possibilities and I'll find a way out of this rut.

If you feel stuck and overwhelmed, wouldn't you want to have that chance to make the most out of the support you're given?

And as part of the team, I'm so proud that we are able to add so much more to the pages of the journals we create a year in year out. Frankly, I feel I'm gaining more by getting first dibs with the coaches we invited to participate in the BDJ Coach Quenza App. Personally, it feels like a TASTE-TESTING for ways to live my life (aka Coaching) and I'm glad I'm on this journey with you guys.

And now we are here. Glad you had time to read.

I really hope you continue rewriting your story. Your journal pages may look different (even prettier!) than mine does. And your days are surely like mine in some way (sometimes beautiful, chaotic, and full of wonder). And I hope you find a coaching experience that will help you through whatever you're going through at home, in the workplace, or deep inside.

I'm just here -- we all are when you feel no one believes in you. We do so much, and that's why we want to give you the chance to meet all of the wonderful coaches (or help you meet one who resonates with you).