Is this the last BDJ? (From BDJ 2022)

Is this the last BDJ? (From BDJ 2022)

Have you ever been in a situation so overwhelming that you feel like you’re up against a wall?

Well, we’re going through one right now. (read about it below)

We will be posting different blogs on personal stories of the team behind Belle de Jour (Viviamo, Inc.). 

Make no mistake, being this open and vulnerable is unbelievably uncomfortable and unnerving.

These are insecurities, doubts, and fears we’d rather keep between us.

But we decided to share them with you–hoping you’ll get strength and inspiration from them.

Let’s start with an excerpt from the letter I wrote for the (last?) BDJ 2022 planner.


From Dar, Founder of Belle De Jour

Is this going to be the last release of the Belle de Jour Power Planner?  


This question has haunted me since 2020 when the pandemic started.


And it kept haunting me when I would hear of businesses closing -- some of which have been here longer than we have…


We already knew 2021 would not be easy, so we made sure we had plans. 


We tried one strategy, one execution, after another, but things weren’t picking up. 

It was like we were in a free fall. 


Fear gripped my heart. 


Anxiety, exhaustion, fear – all these negative emotions really weighed me, and all of us down.


Isn’t it that sometimes, you can’t help but feel pushed against the wall, like you don’t have any options? 


The thing is -- how do you know when to let go and move on? 


My coach reminded me:

There’s no giving up when your purpose is aligned with what you are doing. You need to reach into your heart and soul and ask yourself: What is your true choice?”


This reminded me of that time way before I started Viviamo, after college, when I made decisions because sayang yung opportunity


I took a post in a multinational corporation even if I already felt it didn’t really connect with me. 


I took the accounting boards, even though I knew that even if you’d pay me P1M monthly, I wouldn’t be happy doing the work. 


It’s been many years since, but to be honest, I still struggle to make true choices. 


I still struggle to understand what is true to my heart – without the fear, doubt and insecurities.   


Somehow, even if the future is uncertain, I still feel comforted that I have my Viviamo family and Bella Tribe community. 


You are part of this family, this community.


You know, I was asked recently, What would you do if you were guaranteed success? 


I really, really thought hard before answering. 


And you know what, I would still do what I’m doing!


I would still design and publish planners. 


I would still commit to growing the Bella community.  


And this is why we are moving forward to do what it takes to survive and thrive, because deep in our hearts, we believe in you, we believe in us, and we believe in possibilities.  


Let’s keep moving forward and trust!