Raine's Dare to Tell Story

Raine's Dare to Tell Story

Dare to dream for the best version of yourself this 2023!

For this Dare to Tell story, we share Raine's newly found goal on her love for Doyoung.



Back in 2020, I set my goal to complete all of Doyoung's album pieces. I saw a photocard of him from their punch album and thought, “wow he takes nice selfies for photocards parang gusto ko collect!”

My life before this moment was quite normal but when you have a goal set, parang you incorporate ways to achieve it into your daily life. Like on Twitter, I check it every day for news and updates as well as selling tags for Doyoung photocards, ganon. Having all of his album photocards for my personal collection that I can keep forever felt like an achievement on its own.

This goal though doesn’t determine if I’m content with my life. TBH, no, I’m not.

There are still things and experiences that I have yet to grab. So far, yes, I have completed my Doyoung photocard collection because I’m consistent with checking selling tags every day on Twitter!

I buy and trade just to complete this collection and even go as far as checking international websites too. It's been 2 years! My goal to complete Doyoung's photocard collection will go on for as long as they release albums, because I love Doyoung and for as long as NCT 127 will keep on releasing albums, the goal still remains :D

I may have been complacent sometimes, like there are times I forget to actively do things that I should in order to complete my collection and that makes me feel unsure if I can achieve this goal.

Who won’t feel that way for any goal right? I mean a collection requires some money and investment, so most of the time I get the feeling that most of the time I don’t have enough to actually finish this goal.

But this simple goal makes me happy and who doesn’t want to be happy, right?


Eh Doyoung inspires and motivates me to persevere talaga so while I have yet to experience more in life and fall in love I’d like to keep at this small goal and maybe find actionable steps that can help me achieve this goal and everything else to come.


Goal are goals no matter what that looks like to you, as long as its something that inspires you and motivates you, we say go for it!

That's why we hope with our Dare to Dream Kits, you'll be able to restart taking those steps towards your goals no matter how big, or how small that is.

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