Rona's Dare to Tell Story

Rona's Dare to Tell Story

Dare to dream for the best version of yourself this 2023!

As we start prepping for 2023 and closing out 2022, yes as early as now. We asked people about dreaming and goal-setting in the hopes that their personal experiences can also inspire you to finally start working towards your goals.

For this Dare to Tell Story, we share Rona's story of how she realized why she needed to set goals.


The first time I set a goal for myself was when I joined ALC (Advance Leadership Course)

Hindi talaga ako nag go-goal setting but I realized after processing yung mga values ko, akala ko wala akong goal, meron pala, may block lang to do it.

Before I set out for my goal, so so lang. Kuntento lang sa life. Ok lang basta may kinakain araw-araw at buhay. But when I set out my goal, grabe na-feel ko yung challenge kasi eto yung nag-step out talaga ako sa aking comfort zone.

Hindi yon madali for me because setting a goal is not normal for me. I don't make plans. I just do what I’m told, basta feeling kong okay naman.

I consider myself a content person, but when I think of the future, I don't feel okay. I still don’t have enough savings, I still have some issues with my love ones, and the company is not okay right now so hindi ako comfortable to say that I’m truly contented given the scenario of my environment.

I want to be able to learn how to set goals and really embrace them so that I will be able to commit 101%. Feeling ko once I achieve my goals, I'll be limitless! There will be no one and nothing can stop me from doing what I want.

Yes, I’m still unsure of the future.

Yes, I don’t know yet exactly what I really want.

Yes, I don’t have enough resources or drive for now but I want to find joy in my future.

I want to experience personal growth and I do feel that there’s something missing, hindi ko lang ma-identify kung ano. Basta parang may kulang pa.

So if there was a manual on how to set and achieve goals I will really want something that will provide me some clarity and help me process how to do exactly that!


I'm sure some of us had a similar experience with Rona. We tend to settle in because at the back of our minds we think that we are not worthy enough of something greater, or we feel that we don't have enough skills or drive to reach our goal.

But we're here to tell you that you don't have to be alone in that journey, that's why for 2023 we wanted to focus more on goal-setting and why you need goals.

So for 2023, we are introducing our Dare to Dream Kits! Want to know more about it? Click Here