How to Use Your Planner During This Pandemic

How to Use Your Planner During This Pandemic

Changes during the pandemic are inevitable especially when activities are limited to lessen the spread of the virus. Most activities outside the house are put on hold and the priority is to stay indoors and be healthy. It might seem like you’ve got less use for a dated planner because there’s not much to schedule. But given that we have more time to explore other things, a planner can be used for something beyond its traditional uses as an appointment book or daily scheduler. 



Planners And How To Use Them 

  1. Use it for your daily routine.

Planners can be used to track or plan daily activities. You can use your planner to schedule your shopping, write down a grocery list, and note down all your expenses and compare it to your accounts. Whether you’re a student or working at home, you can jot down your Zoom meetings, wish lists for your online shopping, or virtual yoga sessions. It helps to have something to look at to recall the things that you need to do. Writing down your tasks, notes, and ideas also makes it easier to retain them. 

  1. Keep a record of the highlights in your life.

Life doesn’t stop just because you’re stuck at home. You can still make memories even if you’re not at your favorite beach or traveling to the country you have planned ahead for. A memory doesn’t have to be big to make it to your planner. You can write about the first time you tried a new recipe at home or the movie you watched at the end of a long workday. Keeping track of the highlights makes you more grateful for what you have and what you are going through. 

  1. Write what you feel.

Being in a pandemic can make you think about a lot of things that are happening in your life. You feel different and it’s amplified with how little face-to-face human interaction you have. A planner is a good way to share what you are feeling at the moment and can be a form of release once you’ve let go of it through writing. It helps you discover new things about yourself and keep you grounded. Mental health is equally important as your physical health and keeping a planner can help you cope with the flurry of emotions that you’re experiencing daily. 

  1. Plan for the future after the pandemic

We’ve mentioned writing about the past by highlighting your memories, and the present by placing your daily activities and emotions on your planner. The next thing you can use your planner for is to look forward to the future. Creating a list of things you want to do once everything’s back to normal is a way to be excited about the possibilities. You might want to start planning your next trip or list down the people you want to visit, even if you don’t have definite dates yet. Making a plan and writing it down is like a promise to yourself that you can and will do it. The cure might just be around the corner and planning ahead is something you can do right now to prepare for the day when you are able to do the things you have missed. 

Your Planner, Your Rules 
There are many things you can use your planner for and it all depends on the purpose that you give it. You can use it for other things like a growth tracker for your baby, a recipe book, or even an exercise progress planner. How it will look and how much time you spend with it is all in your hands. There are no formal rules on how to use or not use your planner, or what you can stick to its pages. It’s your own personal space and what it will become reflects on how you want it to be.