What do you love most about using a planner?

What do you love most about using a planner?
There’s something special about using a paper planner despite the surplus of digital tools, calendars, and productivity apps out there. Here are a few things we love about keeping an analog tool like our best-selling Belle de Jour Power Planner: 
💫 Writing things down in longhand has several benefits. For example, you connect more deeply with information because you’re processing it more intentionally while jotting it down. Scribbling a to-do list also helps you remember tasks. 
💫 Having a planner keeps you organized and productive. It’s also a versatile tool you can use to track things like your finances, your health, your progress in personal or work projects, and your start-of-year goals and intentions. 
💫 Using a paper planner keeps you from digital distractions. If you were on your phone, you’d be tempted to check social media or other apps when you only meant to look at your to-do list. 
💫 A paper planner offers plenty of room for creativity. You get to letter, doodle, or even paint on your planner pages and decorate them with your favorite washi and stickers. 
💫 Using pen and paper offers a delightfully tactile experience. It engages our sense of touch—from the act of writing itself to feeling the texture of the pages—and that gives us more pleasure than swiping and tapping on a screen. 
💫 All of the above lead to joy: the joy of having a purposefully designed planner that we can also make our own, the joy of having a creative outlet for play or destressing, the joy of living each day intentionally and productively. 
BDJ Power Planner users, nicknamed the Bellas, also experience the joy of connection. With BDJ, you #ExperienceMore than just writing in your planner. You gain access to a supportive Bella community, to events and learning platforms, and to other inspirational resources to help you create a live you love. 💖