Rezza Custodio-Soriano on Examining the Stories You Tell Yourself

Rezza Custodio-Soriano on Examining the Stories You Tell Yourself
Are you ready to shed old mental models and welcome a new version of yourself that’s ready to live your best life? Grab your journal and pen, because you’ll want to do some self-reflection after hearing what coach and speaker Rezza Custodio-Soriano shared at #YouGotThis: Rewrite Your Story talk. 

Coach Rezza is the co-founder of Winning Coaching. She conducts programs on leadership, personal development, and life coaching for individuals and professionals. In July 2017, she became the first Asian to be licensed as a Creatrix® Transformologist® for women. 

After sharing her coaching credentials with #YouGotThis viewers, Coach Rezza began the meaty part of her talk with a quote from her mentor Maz Schirmer, a best-selling author and the woman behind the Creatrix® emotional breakthrough process: 

Your destiny isn't written in the stars, it is written in your own belief system. 

“Our own beliefs, our own stories, directly impact our life,” said Coach Rezza. “The thoughts that we think, the feelings we feel, the stories we replay in our mind, they talk to our unconscious mind. 

She likened our unconscious mind to a dog that loves playing fetch. “What happens is, your unconscious mind will just do whatever you tell it to do.” 

Coach Rezza said, “Life will gather evidences to support the beliefs that you have.” This means that when you say that life is too hard, that you will never find happiness, that it seems impossible to find a good partner, life will simply agree with you. 

“The unconscious mind will just say ‘Okay!’ and bring you back whatever you believe in,” she said. 

She added that we have blind spots when it comes to our beliefs because some of these beliefs are masked. “Because they're masked, we are not aware that they are limiting beliefs. And then what happens? We are chained to them because we think they are absolute truths,” said Coach Rezza. 

What you can do to free yourself from the beliefs you’ve chained yourself to is to challenge yourself, to challenge the beliefs you hold on to. Coach Rezza offered a seemingly simple but actually very powerful  
question you can use to do this. 

She said, “For every belief that you have, that you are firmly holding on to, ask yourself: Is it possible that there can be one other person somewhere on earth who has the exact opposite belief of what you believe? This is a challenge person because if there is one person who has the opposite belief as you, then it means what you believe might not be the absolute truth.” 

Coach Rezza encouraged viewers to ask themselves: What are the stories you tell yourself? 

What stories do you tell yourself about love? 
What stories do you tell yourself about money? 
What stories do you tell yourself about relationships? 
What stories do you tell yourself when you’re hanging out with family? 
What stories do you tell yourself when you’re chatting with friends? 
What stories do you tell yourself when you think of other people? 
What stories do you tell yourself when you hear or read stories of others who have what you don’t have? 
What stories do you tell yourself when you’re all alone? 

“The stories you tell yourself are like a record you keep playing until your unconscious mind starts to believe that it’s true,” she said. “People will only see what they already believe. People will only see what they want to believe.” 

An important reminder she shared was that “when we rewrite our story, it's not about denying, lying, or covering up what your life is today.” Instead, it’s more about giving yourself permission to rewrite your narrative and believe in your worth, you capability, and your possibilities. 

“What our inner world believes, the outside world reflects back to us,” said Coach Rezza. “Change your story, change your vision, and change your life.” 

Coach Rezza ended her talk with some homework—writing or journaling exercises that can help you in realizing your limiting beliefs and rewriting your story. Be sure to watch her full segment, titled “Transform Into Your Best Self: Releasing Limiting Beliefs Through Journaling,” here. (You can start at the 34:20 mark.)