How Writing Down My Feelings Helped Me Be More Confident

How Writing Down My Feelings Helped Me Be More Confident

After developing this habit, I’ve never felt lighter and more at ease

These past few weeks, I often find myself waking up feeling…flat. I look in the mirror and hate the way I look. Or I feel down, because my work was criticized by my boss. That’s taken a big hit on my self-esteem. I still carry out my everyday tasks as I usually do. Yet, I’ve noticed how even the littlest of things triggers my insecurity.

While I’m well aware that we’re not always going to feel good about ourselves, I do struggle in regulating my emotions. I tend to shut myself off from everyone, even my loved ones, and just allow the constant stream of self-criticism and anxiety to take over.

Sure, telling myself to fake it till you make it can ~help~ for a bit, but it’s not exactly the healthiest way to overcome low self-esteem. I needed another outlet.

This is where journaling comes in handy.

According to multiple studies, journal therapy may improve not only our physical health, like lowering blood pressure levels and boosting the immune system, but also our mental health by improving clarity, memory and focus.

Journaling has allowed me to process my emotions better and not let them control me. Plus, writing down what I think and feel gives me a lot of relief and makes me feel better about myself.

Journaling has helped me direct my reflections and when I write down the things I feel good about in myself, I have something tangible that I can go back to in moments when I don’t feel so confident. In addition, journaling allows me to be vulnerable and honest with myself.

I’ve learned that no one is perfect and each one of us has our own weaknesses. We can take note of these shortcomings, acknowledge them without shame, and work on them to become better. So in the case of my office work, I know that I’m not the most organized person and sometimes forget deadlines. But I can work towards becoming better by listing down my tasks, planning ahead, and being more mindful. My planner and my lists help me in this regard immensely!


If you’re looking for your own planner, the 2024 Belle de Jour Power Planner - Classic Cover is a great option. It has the most beautiful art cover I’ve ever seen, so you’d be excited to write in it every day. It perfectly captures the hope and excitement for what’s to come, which is what I mostly long for every time I wake up. Just looking at it makes me more motivated to achieve my self-esteem goals.

Not only that, the 2024 Belle de Jour Power Planner - Classic Cover, features Aumni Pages designs that combine planning and note-taking in one compact system. I, for one, can’t wait to fill out the Vision Setting and Journaling Prompts sections!

I’m also eyeing the 2024 Focus Planner, which showcases a simple mindfulness logo on the cover, a powerful reminder to live in the moment and forget the things that make me upset and stressed. Each monthly divider features a power word you can use to list your intentions for the rest of the month. This is perfect because feelings of low self-esteem often come back, so this is a nice way to help me stay on track.

And for someone who constantly “word vomits,” I appreciate the spacious weekly spreads, not only for task-listing but also expressive writing.

I also like to journal when I’m traveling, so the 2024 Petit Planner is perfect for when I need to jot down my thoughts wherever I may be. Don’t let its size fool you, though. It has both monthly and weekly layouts and other fun sections like Gratitude Pages and a Habit Tracker.


Personally, I find journaling a safe space to ask myself questions. When I get to write down my most honest thoughts and feelings, I’m able to reflect on why that’s the case. Being able to process them is definitely liberating.

If you’re looking to start your journaling journey, I suggest starting it with BDJ’s 2024 collection. There’s plenty to choose from, depending on your goals and preferences! Check them out here:

Happy journaling!